grania's tears 

A Fable About Kurds, Celts & the origins of pomegranates

Story by E.A. Nolan ❦ Paintings by Saar Keunen



Grania’s Tears is a bi-cultural love story about two equally powerful leaders: a brave Kurdish jinn called Tijda and a beautiful Irish priestess named Grania. When Grania’s community is threatened by the advancing Roman army, Tijda and Grania form an alliance that ultimately gives birth to the Kurdish people.  As the story unfolds, readers encounter 500 magic carpets making a crash landing, tears of sorrow that transform into sparkling rubies, and an enchanted orchard that nurtures the very first pomegranate harvest.

Launch celebration

Beautiful video of our book launch celebration at the Kurdiska Biblioteket in Stockholm! Greeting: Ali Çiftçi. Speech: E.A. Nolan + Idris Okuduci. Music: Tuncay Korkmaz. Closing Remarks: Soran Ismail.

Why Re-Write a Myth?

Grania's Tears transforms what was once a dark and violent Kurdish creationist myth into a peaceful, positive story with important messages about forced migration, multiculturalism and gender equality.
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 Listen...In Kurdish!

Grania’s Tears will be released as an audio book in early 2016. In the meantime, you can listen to an excerpt of the Kurmanji version by clicking on the link below.
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